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NEW Book – Fly Fishing for Freshwater Striped Bass: A Complete Guide To Tackle, Tactics, and Finding Fish by Henry Cowen

$ 16.99

Flymen Fishing Company

NEW Book – Fly Fishing for Freshwater Striped Bass: A Complete Guide To Tackle, Tactics, and Finding Fish by Henry Cowen

$ 16.99

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The popularity of fishing for striped bass in freshwater has exploded as more and more fly anglers have experienced the excitement and intense fishing action that comes with it.

This is the first major book on freshwater striper fly fishing, a targeted species that is sure to be part of a big trend among fly anglers.

"I can't think of a better person to write a complete book of freshwater striper fishing than Henry Cowen. He brings a lifetime of fishing for them in the salt and decades of on-the-water experience in freshwater reservoirs to the table. He's innovative and curious, so you will learn tactics here that you won't get anywhere else."
– Tom Rosenbauer: Author, fly fishing mentor, host of the Orvis fly fishing guide podcast. 

"If you love to fly fish for freshwater stripers – lake river or slough – this book is a must for you regardless of where you live. Reading it is an education on the subject you'll get from no other"
– Dan Blanton: Author, fly tyer, freshwater fly fishing striped bass pioneer

In this practical guide, Henry Cowen shares decades of hard-earned knowledge of stripers for the first time. Learn about the species, its food, and where and how to find them, so you can land more and bigger fish.

Knowing where and how to find stripers is key, and Cowen offers proven techniques for locating fish in reservoirs and rivers, including water temperature, seasonal patterns, weather patterns, finding the bait, and weather quality.

Cowen carefully outlines such things as:

  • Fishing a point, uphill and downhill
  • Working a topwater fly (constantly retrieve)
  • Hooking a fish (strip strike)
  • Fishing a hump, saddle, or blow-through
  • Fishing a breakwater
  • Using the countdown method
  • Fishing a deep hole in a river
  • Fishing a creek in a river

Cowen also takes a close look at freshwater striped bass, explaining how natural and stocked fisheries are managed, as well as the difference between the various species. With this guidebook, anglers will have everything they need to improve their fishing techniques or make a start on this popular all-American outdoor sport.

About Henry Cowen:

Henry has been pursuing striped bass for over 40 years in both salt and fresh water. He is currently guiding in fresh water on Lake Sidney Lanier, Lake Allatoona and the Chattahoochee River near Atlanta for landlocked stripers, hybrids, spotted bass and carp. His fly patterns as well as techniques to fly fish have appeared in magazines such as American Angler, Fly Fish America, Fly Tyer, Fly Fisherman, Angler Magazine and Eastern Fly Fishing. Henry’s name appeared on the masthead of Saltwater Fly Fishing, Fly Fishing in Salt Waters, American Angler, Fly Tyer and Angler Magazine as a contributing writer/editor. Henry was named to the esteemed Yellow Dog Fly Fishing field advisory staff. Henry continues to give seminars on light tackle & fly fishing in both fresh and saltwater as well as tying demos for The Fly Fishing Show and for fly shops and clubs around the country. Henry has appeared as a guest on a number of nationally televised outdoor shows (The Ford Outfitters, The Orvis Sporting life, The Reel Guys, One More Cast with Shaw Grigsby, O’Neill Outside, Travis Johnson Outdoors & The Nuts and Bolts of Fishing) and continues as a weekly guest on the O’Neil Outside radio show. Henry helped produce and appears on the video, “Fly Fishing for Landlocked Stripers." He has a book coming out in October, 2020 named “Fly Fishing for Freshwater Stripers." Henry is on Pro Staff with Towee boats and is also a Simms Ambassador along with being an advisor for Scientific Anglers. He is on guide programs with Honda Marine, Sage, RIO Products, TFO, Orvis, and Smith Optics. Henry is also on field staff with Johnson Outdoors.