Flymen Fishing Company

Fish-Skull SCT Bonefish Fly Range

$ 5.98

Flymen Fishing Company

Fish-Skull SCT Bonefish Fly Range

$ 5.98

Introducing the new Fish-Skull SCT Bonefish Fly Range

Reliable, updated saltwater flies for bonefish, permit, and other tropical sand flats species. Each fly, based upon proven Gotchas, Mantis, and Charlies patterns, boasts realism and enhanced swimming action. Our secret ingredient is the innovative SCT (Shrimp & Cray Tail) – mimicking a crustacean tail and used as a simple modern alternative to traditional bead chain eyes and dumbbells to weight each fly.

FS Rubber Legs Gotcha (#2 hook)

An enhanced version of the traditional Gotcha, featuring rubber legs that add additional movement and attraction in the water. Don’t leave home without one!

FS Mantis Shrimp (#2 hook)

A “must have” bonefish pattern for the Bahamas and other fisheries that incorporates materials that mimic the appearance and movement of a mantis shrimp.

FS Spawning Shrimp (#4 hook)

An important addition to your arsenal, the fly replicates the color, size, and movement of shrimp during the spawning phase.

FS Bonefish Special (#6 hook)

A reliable, general-purpose bonefish fly that features grizzly hackle feathers and a bright “hot-spot”

FS Pink Gotcha (#6 hook) - Coming soon

Essentially a Gotcha fly with a pink color scheme, this variation is particularly effective in certain conditions and locations where the color pink may closely resemble the natural prey items of bonefish or where it can grab their attention in the water.

FS Bonefish Bugger (#4 hook) - Coming soon

Makes use of marabou feathers at the back of fly to imitates the movement of a shrimp at rest and when swimming. Simple and effective!

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