New Release

Bench Booster boxes aim to "boost" your existing fly-tying materials by providing a handpicked selection of the best fly tying materials from our award winning Fish-Skull, Surface-Seducer, Nymph-Head, and Kona brands.

These materials have been assembled into boxed assortments for tying specific broad categories of flies, and offer great value for money.

  • "Boost" your toolkit of core fly tying materials for specific fly categories
  • Opportunity to try out a wider range of Flymen materials
  • Organize your bench materials by using our easy-to-see and access compartment boxes.
  • Assortments offer you significant savings versus buying individual products

With Bench Boosters, it’s an opportunity to broaden your tying expertise, whether you’re replenishing your existing materials or venturing into new tying territories

We are discontinuing a few specific sizes and colors within the product ranges highlighted below. The SKUs that are discontinued will have a mark through price and the new price listed. Get them while you can - while supplies last.


Fish-Skull® is our line of fly fishing streamer products. These fly tying materials are designed to combine ease of tying with top-notch performance on the water.

Fish-Skull® is our line of fly fishing streamer products. Our flies range from variations on timeless classics to award-winning next-generation streamer patterns. Each should have a spot in every angler's flybox. 

The Nymph-Head® Evolution family represents the next generation of modern tungsten fly-tying beads and flies enabling fly fishermen to tie and fish realistic, fast-sinking and effective, nymph patterns.

Nymph-Head® Evolution BeadHeads are tungsten fly-tying beads molded in the shape, size and natural color of the heads of the three most common aquatic insects that trout feed upon and which fly fishermen attempt to imitate, namely mayflies, stoneflies and caddis flies. More accurate shape and profile. No more "one round Bead size fits all".

  • Evolution Stonefly 
  • Evolution Caddis
  • Evolution Mayfly Swimmer & Burrower
  • Evolution Mayfly Clinger & Crawler 

Nymph-Head® Evolution Nymphs is a family of nymphs that use the Evolution bead heads.

  • Evolution Caddis
  • Evolution Stonefly
  • Evolution Stonefly Prince
  • Evolution Mayfly Pheasant Tail
  • Evolution Mayfly Clinger
  • Evolution Mayfly Swimmer

Nymph-Head® Evolution Fly Tying kits contain everything you need to tie 8 nymphs, including step-by-step tying instructions, to make it easy for you to get your hands on the various needed fly tying materials all in one place. 

  • Fly Tying Kit - Evolution Mayfly Clinger
  • Fly Tying Kit - Stonefly Prince


Nymph-Head® is our line of fly fishing nymphing products. These fly tying materials are designed to combine ease of tying with top-notch performance on the water.
Nymph-Head® is our line of fly fishing nymphing products. Our nymphs range from variations on timeless classics to next-generation nymph patterns. Each have a spot in every angler's flybox. 

Bonefish flies

GT Flies


Designed by Martin Bawden

The Fish-Skull Bandito fly range is a distinctive style of simple, articulated streamer patterns that combines natural rabbit fur and silicone legs with innovative Fish-Skull materials, creating an array of different flies that mimic various prey species and fishing scenarios.

Introducing the Next Game Changer fly series


Flymen’s Next Game Changer fly series represents the next generation of game changer flies. Based upon our continuous product development and customer feedback, the range has evolved significantly. We have improved the performance of each fly through a combination of new materials and innovative, new manufacturing techniques.

About Game Changers

Game Changer style flies are finely crafted, lightweight flies known for their exceptional articulation and natural swimming action derived from their unique multi-segmented design. They expertly mimic prey, from tiny baitfish to larger aquatic species and notably boost an angler’s success on the water. Game changer flies have matured in recent years from the original concept conceived by Blane Chocklett into multiple variations tied and fished by fly fishermen around the world. 

Flymen Fishing Company stands as the driving force behind the revolutionary development, commercialization, and widespread adoption of the game changer fly style. Our leadership, passion and commitment are evident in our pioneering inventions like the Next Generation Articulated Shank, Kona hooks, Living Eyes and other specialized fly tying materials - all essential in tying these exquisite flies. Bolstered by our significant investments in dedicated fly tying facilities and the rigorous training of specialized fly tyers, we continue to offer an expanding range of these flies to fly shops and fly fishermen globally.

The range includes:                

  • Next Minnow Changer                (sizes  #6 / 1.75"   #2 / 2.75"   2/0 / 3.5")      
  • Next PolarLite Changer              (size 4/0 / 5")         
  • Next FeatherLite Changer          (sizes  #4 / 3"   #1 / 3.5"   4/0 / 5")      
  • Next Tarpon Changer                 (size 2/0 / 4"   4/0 / 5")
  • Next Clawed Changer                 (size 1/0 2.75")
  • Next Woolly Bugger Changer     (size #8 / 2"   #6 / 2.75"
  • Next Game Changer Popper      (sizes #2 / 3"  1/0 / 4"  6/0 / 5")             
  • Next Silly Legs Changer              (size #6 / 1.5")
  • Next Trout Changer                    (size #12 / 0.9")
  • Next Big Predator Changer        (sizes 6/0 / 6"   8/0 / 8.5"  6/0 / 11")
  • Next Stickbait Changer               (sizes 2/0 / 4"   3/0 / 5"   4/0 / 6")