Bench Booster Fly Tying Material Assortments

New Release

Bench Booster boxes aim to "boost" your existing fly-tying materials by providing a handpicked selection of the best fly tying materials from our award winning Fish-Skull, Surface-Seducer, Nymph-Head, and Kona brands.

These materials have been assembled into boxed assortments for tying specific broad categories of flies, and offer great value for money.

  • "Boost" your toolkit of core fly tying materials for specific fly categories
  • Opportunity to try out a wider range of Flymen materials
  • Organize your bench materials by using our easy-to-see and access compartment boxes.
  • Assortments offer you significant savings versus buying individual products

With Bench Boosters, it’s an opportunity to broaden your tying expertise, whether you’re replenishing your existing materials or venturing into new tying territories