The Next Game Changer fly series

Introducing the Next Game Changer fly series


Flymen’s Next Game Changer fly series represent the next generation of game changer flies. 

About Game Changers

Game Changer style flies are finely crafted, lightweight flies known for their exceptional articulation and natural swimming action derived from their unique multi-segmented design. They expertly mimic prey, from tiny baitfish to larger aquatic species and notably boost an angler’s success on the water. Game changer flies have matured in recent years from the original concept conceived by Blane Chocklett into multiple variations tied and fished by fly fishermen around the world. 

Features and Benefits of Game Changer Flies

1.        Lifelike swimming action significantly increases your catch rate

Game Changer flies have a highly articulated, multi-segmented body designed to attract predatory fish and increase angler success, particularly in highly fished waters. Effective at drawing in and catching larger, more cautious fish.

2.        Unmatched durability enables three to four times longer lasting flies

Anglers can often catch 50+ fish on a single fly, making them highly cost-effective compared to traditional flies. Tied using advanced fly-tying materials and modern techniques, Game Changer flies are very durable and long-lasting.

3.        Variety of patterns for different species and fisheries

Game Changer style flies are tied in various patterns to mimic a range of prey from tiny baitfish to larger aquatic creatures. Versatile for use in both freshwater and saltwater environments, attracting various fish species.

These features make Game Changer flies a valuable addition to any fly angler's arsenal, offering enhanced performance and versatility on the water.

Flymen Fishing Company stands as the driving force behind the revolutionary development, commercialization, and widespread adoption of the game changer fly style. Our leadership, passion and commitment are evident in our pioneering inventions like the Next Generation Articulated Shank, Kona hooks, Living Eyes and other specialized fly tying materials - all essential in tying these exquisite flies. Bolstered by our significant investments in dedicated fly tying facilities and the rigorous training of specialized fly tyers, we continue to offer an expanding range of these flies to fly shops and fly fishermen globally.

The range includes:                

  • Next Minnow Changer                (sizes  #6 / 1.75"   #2 / 2.75"   2/0 / 3.5")      
  • Next PolarLite Changer              (size 4/0 / 5")         
  • Next FeatherLite Changer          (sizes  #4 / 3"   #1 / 3.5"   4/0 / 5")      
  • Next Tarpon Changer                 (size 2/0 / 4"   4/0 / 5")
  • Next Clawed Changer                 (size 1/0 2.75")
  • Next Woolly Bugger Changer     (size #8 / 2"   #6 / 2.75"
  • Next Game Changer Popper      (sizes #2 / 3"  1/0 / 4"  6/0 / 5")             
  • Next Silly Legs Changer              (size #6 / 1.5")
  • Next Trout Changer                    (size #12 / 0.9")
  • Next Big Predator Changer        (sizes 6/0 / 6"   8/0 / 8.5"  6/0 / 11")
  • Next Stickbait Changer               (sizes 2/0 / 4"   3/0 / 5"   4/0 / 6")