Flymen Fishing Company

The Fly Tester™

$ 179.95

Flymen Fishing Company

The Fly Tester™

$ 179.95

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The Essential Tool For Every Fly Tyer’s Table

Tie  Test  Fish

Take your fly tying to the next level with the complete out of the box solution for fly testing and demonstration. The Fly Tester creates a steady circular flow of water with adjustable flow control, allowing you swim up to 3 flies in 2 directions at once – from streamer flies, to top water flies, to nymphs and emergers.

Design Better Flies

  • Observe the swimming action of your flies immediately after tying
  • Improve your fly designs and have confidence they will perform as intended when fished
  • Share your fly patterns swimming on video with the fly tying community online

Check out the articles, Why Is My Baitfish Pattern Swimming Wrong? and Why Is My Baitfish Pattern Swimming Wrong? Part 2, to see how the Fly Tester can help you quickly identify and fix the flaws in your fly patterns. 

NEW Fly Tester Improvements

  • Portability and protection – The NEW Fly Tester comes in a stylish carry case with a protective foam interior, and at a third of the size and weight of the original 2014 model, the NEW Fly Tester is highly portable and easy to store in your fly tying den
  • Easy to clean – The Fly Tester’s new removable streamer fly testing tube makes it a breeze to keep your Fly Tester crystal clear
  • 2X more affordable – The new Fly Tester is at a much more appealing price point

The NEW Fly Tester: Revamping A Popular Product

Flymen introduced the original Fly Tester at the 2014 International Fly Tackle Dealer Show where the innovative product won the Best of Show – Fly Tying Equipment award. It was an immediate hit and quickly found a home with many fly shops, commercial fly companies, and fly tyers worldwide.

Although the original Fly Tester was popular and in high demand among die-hard fly tyers, we found that found that the size, weight, and price point of the original Fly Tester could be improved upon.

We identified this as an opportunity to improve the Fly Tester to make it a better fit and easier purchase decision for fly tyers worldwide.

Introducing the NEW Fly Tester, specially designed for every fly tyer to have one on their fly tying table to test and demonstrate their flies.

Included: Everything You Need

  • Fly Tester protective carrying case
  • High-quality lightweight acrylic test tank with innovative bidirectional flow design
  • Removable streamer fly testing tube
  • Tippet guide, clamps, and fly placement wand
  • Powerful water pump with adjustable flow control
  • Operating instructions
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Weight: 3.5 lbs. (1.59 kg.)
  • Dimensions: Height 5” (12 cm.) x Width 2.5” (6.5 cm.) x Length 18” (45 cm.)
  • Volume: 1 gal. (3.7 L.)

Inside Look: The NEW Fly Tester

What Fly Tyers Said About the Original Fly Tester

Tester tried and tested!
I have owned one of these Fly Testers since they were first released. I tie a lot of Pike and predator flies and this is the perfect tool to see just exactly how your flies 'swim' in the water current. I've taken it along with me to several fly fairs and it is always a crowd pleaser! All this is great but where it particularly excels in my opinion, is with the design of Salmon tube flies. Different tube materials such as copper, plastic, aluminium etc will all behave differently in terms of sink rate but throw coneheads, pulse discs, tungsten etc into the mix and your fly changes its behaviour again. The tester lets you fine tune this to exactly how you want your fly to work. Even hook choice will affect how your fly sits....again, with the tester you can try different hooks to fine tune your flies even more.
– Dougie Loughridge

Must Have for Long Winters!!!
I live in a place where I have 6 months of fishing, followed by 6 LONG months behind the vise. My rivers are frozen solid, and the only fishing available is through a 6" hole in the ice. As a fly designer, that's a long 6 months. 6 months worth of ideas, and no water to test them in. This fly tester has given me the ability to refine ideas and patterns, test various techniques, and experiment with different materials and their properties. This is an essential tool to a winter tier! Being able to see my flies action, silhouette, and proportions while in direct, and non-direct current is game changing. Yessss, the flies still need a river or lake to fool some fish, and to gain their stamp of approval. But, now I can make some serious progress during the long winter, and cut the design time in half.

–Gunnar Brammer

Awesome Tester
The worst thing in the world is bringing your prized creation to the river only to see that its not swimming like you wanted it to. Once I used a fly tester I was hooked on seeing how patterns move in the water. It works great and lets you tweak your patterns so you get immediate feedback on how they swim. It also works well with dry flies to make sure they are floating how you want them too.
–John Malison 

A great addition to our shop!
The Fly Tester has been a great addition to our Fly Shop and Tying Program. It is a great way to explain the concept of different flies clients are fishing when they come into the store. A great all round conversation starter and just fun for kids and adults. The guides also love to be able to test out their flies first hand before hitting the water! Love the Fly Tester!
–Jessica Whitmire 

Love My Fly Tester
I got my fly tester primarily for testing larger flies I tie for Pike and Musky. It has been amazing! Works great for huge flies, so you can see how they will look/move in the water. Since then, I've used it for a ton of stuff from freshwater to saltwater. Currently, it is running on my kitchen counter nonstop. Way more fun than a fish tank. Thanks guys!!!
–Capt. Jeff Johnson

Fly Tester At Last
At last a product that gives the fly fisherman/fly tyer a bird's eye view of how their flies react in the water. As a commercial fly tyer this product helps me greatly in selling flies to different shops. I can tell the buyers exactly how my flies react in the water and how fish see the flies. A great product. Keep up the good work.
–Tim Ivey

Yes finally! So you tie that awesome bug (well you thought so at least) but your not sure what it will do in the water. So you think "I'll throw it in the bathtub or sink, right!?" Not anymore! Now you can get instant gratification of your hard work on the vise now with the test tank! I love mine, It really gives me the confidence with my flies. I love to just see if I tied a dud or a fish catcher. It helps eliminate wasting time on patterns that just don't work. That also saves you money on wasted materials. Happy fishing!
–Tim Savarese 

A great product for any fly tyer to tweak your new creations.
The Fly Tester is a great way to test your Fly creations before you hit river. I got the chance to use a friends fly tester for a pattern I was working on to see how it swim in the water and if it needed any more material or less. If it wasn't for the Fly Tester showing me the results my pattern the Dan's TNT tiger won't be in Rainy's Flies today and I wouldn't be a fly designer for 2016.
–Danny Ward

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