The Flymen Fly Outpost

Welcome to The Flymen Fly Outpost: A Division of Flymen Fishing Co.

At Flymen Fishing Co. we focus on providing our customers with specialized, innovative flies and fly tying materials, but we also realize many of our customers also enjoy fishing traditional flies (and we do as well). That's why we decided to provide you with the Flymen Fly Outpost, which provides you with nearly endless fly options. We hope you find these additional fly options useful for your fishing endeavors!

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Additional Info: Any Fly You Want

Many customers have asked us to provide more flies in addition to our specialized Fish-Skull®, Nymph-Head®, and Surface Seducer® flies.

To provide this, we’ve created an additional website, The Flymen Fly Outpost, where you can get nearly any fly imaginable. With over 5,000 options to choose from and 20+ assortments, this is designed to be the complete solution for all your fly needs.

Flies by the Dozen

All the Best Patterns, Sizes, and Colors | Tied When You Order

Our flies are sold by the dozen with the ability to choose your size and color. We tie every purchase on a made-to-order basis so you are getting fresh flies that are durable and worthy to be on the end of your tippet. You can expect your flies to take 15-30 days to arrive because they are made just for you, and when you get in your fly box they’ll last and work hard to catch you tons of fish. 

Premium Assortments

20+ Assortments | Ships Quick in 5-7 Days

We’ve partnered with the top guides and fly experts in the industry to put together 20+ different fly assortments for every occasion. From seasonal assortments to insect lifecycle assortments and technique assortments, you’ll be equipped for every situation on the river. We’ve made fly selection easy and shipping extra fast. Our assortments are great when you need flies for your upcoming trip as they will ship in 5-10 days.

Get Your Flies Today!

Check out our Flies by the Dozen & Premium Fly Assortments and grab some flies and assortments to fill your boxes today.