• #TyingTuesday: Faux Bucktail Baitfish
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#TyingTuesday: Faux Bucktail Baitfish

This Baitfish Fly Pattern Simply Gets the Job Done!

Quick and easy to tie with a realistic Baitfish Head profile and high durability thanks to the Faux Bucktail body material, this simple streamer is a trusty go-to fly pattern.

Fly Recipe


  1. Cover hook shank with thread wraps.
  2. Tie in white Faux Bucktail about 2x the hook shank length for the belly, leaving room at the hook eye to slide the Baitfish Head on later.
  3. Tie in a few strands of flash and trim to same length as the Faux Bucktail.
  4. Tie in Faux Bucktail of the same length for the top wing. Tie off your thread and whip finish. Apply a coating of super glue to the thread head.
  5. Fit the Baitfish Head over the eye of the hook and position firmly in place.
  6. Re-attach your tying thread in front of the Baitfish Head and tie a small thread dam between the Baitfish Head and the eye of the hook. Tie off.
  7. Place the Dragon Eyes in the eye sockets and apply super glue or UV finish to hold them in place.
  8. Go catch a big fish!
  • Post author
    Caleb Welborn
  • fly fishingfly tyingvideo

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  • Sep 08, 2021

    Thanks for the new materials and simple fly.

    — ron busche

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