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Fish-Skull® Fly Tester™

$ 285.00

Flymen Fishing Company

Fish-Skull® Fly Tester™

$ 285.00

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Design better flies.

Best of Show – Fly Tying Equipment: 2014 International Fly Tackle Dealer Show
Designed by Martin Bawden

The Fly Tester fills the key gap in the traditional process of developing a successful fly and is the essential tool to complete every fly tyer's table. This complete out of the box solution for testing and demonstrating fly patterns creates a steady, circular flow of water, allowing you to test up to three flies in two directions simultaneously.

Check out the article, Why is my baitfish pattern swimming wrong?, to see how the Fly Tester can help you quickly identify and fix the flaws in your fly patterns. 

  • Adjustable flow
    Tailor the water speed to simulate different fishing situations.

    Shortened development cycle
    Observe the action of your fly immediately after tying.

    Lower section
    Provides a focused, strong flow of water. Test streamer flies up to 1 ft. (30.5cm) long here.

    Middle section
    Provides a realistic current. Test subsurface flies such as nymphs and emergers here.

    Upper section
    Provides a slower, more dispersed flow of water. Test surface flies such as foam poppers, sliders, and dry flies here.

  • Weight
    8 lbs. (3.6 kg.)

    Height 12” (31 cm.) x Width 3.5” (9 cm.) x Length 24” (61 cm.)

    3.5 gal. (13.25 L.)

  • Click to view the full user guide.

    Tip: Check your pump by taking off the top cap each time you set up your Fly Tester because materials and tippet can clog the pump over time. Doing this and cleaning out any clogged materials will ensure your Fly Tester keeps running smoothly for years to come.

    Flies of various types, styles and sizes can be tested in a number of ways.

    The bottom section (the acrylic cylinder) is used primarily for testing streamer flies.

    1. Tie a length of tippet to the fly you wish to test.

    2. Position the fly inside the cylinder and hook the tippet onto the hook of the tippet guide.

    3. Turn the pump on.

    4. Adjust the length of tippet to position your fly near the center of the cylinder.

    5. Once you are happy with the position of the fly, use the tippet clamp to secure the end of the tippet in place.

    6. Adjust the speed of the water flow to simulate different environments.

    The top section can be used to test various types of floating surface flies such as foam poppers, sliders, bugs, and even dry flies.

    1. Position your fly in the water flow where desired and then secure the end of the tippet in the tippet clamp.

    2. Adjust the speed of the water flow to simulate different environments.

    The middle section can be used to test and observe various subsurface flies such as nymph, wet, or emerger patterns in the same way as the top section.

  • Q: What types of flies can be tested?

    A: The Fly Tester is primarily for testing streamers; however, nymphs, emergers, and surface flies (poppers, sliders, foam bugs and even dry flies) can also be tested in the middle and upper sections.

    Q: How portable is it?

    A: Very! The Fly Tester is light (8 lbs) with a thin profile making it very easy to carry or transport. The height is 12” (31cm) x width 3.5” (9cm) x length 24”(61cm). It takes up a minimal amount of space on a fly tying table or fly shop counter.

    Q: How "retail ready” is it?

    A: The Fly Tester is packaged in an attractive, well-marked retail box, making it ready to be stocked and sold in the retail environment.

    Q: Is there a warranty?

    A: Yes, we offer a limited 1-year warranty on the pump and on the acrylic tank (leakage only: scratches, cracks and other damage due to owner abuse or mishandling not included).

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