Swimming ISO Nymph

Nymphs: Step-by-step fly tying instructions. 

Dan Caruso's Swimming ISO Nymph - Fly tying instructions

Swimming ISO Nymph created by Dan Caruso.

The Swimming ISO Nymph was developed as a versatile Isonychia pattern. With the brass FlyColor™ bead and the Daiichi Swimming Nymph Hook, the fly can be used as a nymph on the bottom with split shot, as an emerging or active nymph on the swing, or as a dropper below a dry. The copper bead, copper-brown wire, and the dyed peacock were used for extra flash. The copper colors are effective in waters with high levels of tannic acids found in northern New York where I am from, such as the Ausable, West Canada Creek, and the Black River.

Fly tying materials

Hook: Daiichi 1770 Swimming Nymph hook, size 12.
Thread: Uni 8/0, wine.
Head: Nymph Head® FlyColor™ brass fly tying bead, copper 1/8 in. (3.2 mm).
Body: Tackle With Hackle Beaver Dubbing, mahogany.
Shellback: Virtual Nymph Flexi-Body, dark tan.
Thorax: Tackle With Hackle Beaver Dubbing, mahogany
Tail: Peacock Eye Fibers, natural dyed red.
Gills: Peacock Herl, natural dyed red.
Dorsal Stripe: Embroidery floss, white.
Legs: Whiting Hackle Brahma Hen, dyed march brown.
Ribbing: Ultra Wire by Wapsi, small, copper-brown.

Fly tying instructions

Step 1

Place bead on hook and tie in 3 peacock eye fibers for tail at bend of the hook. Tie in first tail fiber on top of the shank for middle tail, then use a dubbing ball to split the two side tail fibers.

Step 2

Tie in Embroidery floss for dorsal stripe on top of the hook, Ultra Wire for ribbing on the underside of hook and peacock herl for gills one on each side of the hook at base of tail.

Step 3

Dub the abdomen to desired proportions.

Step 4

Fold over peacock herl and tie in one on each side of the body for gills, fold over Embroidery Floss on top of the body and tie in for dorsal stripe. Rib abdomen with Ultra Wire and tie in. Only clip off peacock herl and wire at this point. Fold back the dorsal stripe towards the bend of the hook to be used on thorax.

Step 5

Tie in Flexi-Body wing case cut to 3mm for a size 12 hook on top of hook. Tie in Brahma hen hackle for legs cup side up at the tip on top of hook.

Step 6

Dub the Thorax to desired proportion. Fold legs over the top of fly and tie in behind the bead. Pull wing case over the top of fly and tie in behind the bead. Pull dorsal stripe down over the top center of the wing case and tie in. Finish the fly with a whip finish.