Flymen Fishing Company

Next Woolly Bugger Changer

$ 9.38

Flymen Fishing Company

Next Woolly Bugger Changer

$ 9.38

Now Available

The Classic Woolly Bugger Reimagined!

A Next-Generation micro game changer fly tied with the Fish-Skull® Next Generation Shank (NGS) system

The Next Bugger Changer takes the most recognizable, iconic, and likely the most commonly fished freshwater streamer fly, to the next level by adding multiple micro sized Next Generation Shank (NGS) articulations for lifelike movement. 

This highly articulated, 6-part woolly bugger attracts fish in fast or slow water, rivers, ponds, and lakes, in dirty water or spring creeks. It imitates crayfish, minnows, sculpin, leeches, and many other natural foods trout love.

The Woolly Bugger is a fly many anglers have long relied on as a do-it-all fly, but while the classic Woolly Bugger relies solely on the materials for movement, the all-new Bugger Changer adds full body articulations for ultra-lifelike movement and more fish in your net!

Available in 3 popular Bugger colors and 2 sizes i.e. Black, Brown and Olive in a #6 and #8 hook size. Trout beware!

#6 hook Bugger Changer
2.75” (7 cm)
15 mm Fish-Spine + Dumbbell + (4 x 8 mm Micro-Spines) + Kona Big Game Hunter (BGH) #6 Hook

#8 hook Bugger Changer
2” (5 cm)
10 mm Fish-Spine + Dumbbell + (4 x 6 mm Micro-Spines) + Kona Big Game Hunter (BGH) #8 Hook

Q: Why are the flies sometimes not in stock?                                                           A: GC flies are in high demand and they tend to sell out very quickly. These are specialized, custom-tied flies that are technically difficult and time consuming to tie to the correct specifications. As a result, our factory sometimes cannot produce them fast enough and therefore are not always available.                 

Q: How durable are the flies?

A: Very! The precise method the flies are tied, and the high percentage of modern, synthetic materials used in them make for a tough, hardy fly that should stand up to dozens of landed fish.

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