Flymen Fishing Company

Next Minnow Changer - #6

$ 9.71

Flymen Fishing Company

Next Minnow Changer - #6

$ 9.71

Welcome to the future of Game Changer style flies!

A Next-Generation micro fly tied with the Fish-Skull® Next Generation Shanks

Just released!  The new Red & White color!

Best of Show Award – Fly Pattern Freshwater: 2019 International Fly Tackle Dealer Show

The Next Minnow Changer - #6 is a small highly articulated baitfish pattern less than 2 inches long, with 7 articulated segments tied with the new Next Generation Shanks (NGS)

Now everyone can fish a Game Changer! A next-generation fly tied using the Micro 6mm, 8mm and Micro Tail shanks found in the Next Generation Shank (NGS) system. The Micro Changer is extremely light and easy to cast, even on a 2 or 3 wt. fly rod for trout, but can also be used for targeting larger fish, such as lake striped bass, smallmouth and largemouth bass on a 7-8 wt., or saltwater species such as snook, false albacore, seatrout or redfish on an even stronger rod. Everything eats a 2" baitfish!

Available in a variety of colors to match any hatch!

Next Minnow Changer - #6
1.75” (4.5 cm) 7-segment articulated streamer
Kona BGH #6 hook + 8 mm NGS Micro-Spine + (4 x 6 mm Micro-Spines) + Micro Tail Shank

  • Q: Why are Micro Changer flies sometimes not in stock?
    A: GC flies are in high demand and they tend to sell out very quickly. These are specialized, custom-tied flies that are technically difficult and time consuming to tie to the correct specifications. As a result, our factory sometimes cannot produce them fast enough and therefore are not always available.

    Q: Are Micro Changer flies easy to cast?
    A: Yes, the fly is tied with material that sheds water giving you a fly that is easy to cast with as low as a 2-weight or higher fly rod.

     Q: Can Micro Changer flies be used in saltwater?
    A: Yes! The flies can be used in both fresh and saltwater. The Articulated Shanks are made of stainless spring steel and the Kona hooks have a high-quality black-nickel finish.

    Q: How durable are Micro Changer flies?
    A: Very! The precise method the flies are tied, and the high percentage of modern, synthetic materials used in them make for a tough, hardy fly that should stand up to dozens of landed fish.

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