Flymen Fishing Company

Next Minnow Changer - #2

$ 10.93

Flymen Fishing Company

Next Minnow Changer - #2

$ 10.93

Fool even the most discerning of fish with the Minnow Changer's lifelike action and realistic profile.

Produced by Flymen Fishing Company

The Next Minnow Changer - #2 is a highly articulated, realistic small-scale baitfish streamer perfect for targeting many freshwater and saltwater gamefish species from trout to tarpon, especially in fisheries and areas where your target species feed on smaller baitfish. The Minnow Changer - #2 (2.75" length) can be used interchangeably with its big brother, the Next Minnow Changer - 2/0 (3.5" length), or it's baby brother, the Next Minnow Changer - #6 (1.75" length) based on the fishing situation at hand. 

The Minnow Changer is a 6-segment fly build upon the Next Generation Shank (NGS) articulated shank system and is available in several color variations allowing you to “match the hatch” for success in different fisheries and target species. The fly is tied with an ultra-lightweight, synthetic “Finesse” material that sheds water giving you a fly that is easy to cast and has incredible natural movement in the water.

Now Available: The new Red & White color! The classic white body with red-head color scheme is a winner in both salt & freshwater.

1.        Lifelike swimming action significantly increases your catch rate

Game Changer flies have a highly articulated, multi-segmented body designed to attract predatory fish and increase angler success, particularly in highly fished waters. Effective at drawing in and catching larger, more cautious fish.

2.        Unmatched durability enables three to four times longer lasting flies

Anglers can often catch 50+ fish on a single fly, making them highly cost-effective compared to traditional flies. Tied using advanced fly-tying materials and modern techniques, Game Changer flies are very durable and long-lasting.

3.        Variety of patterns for different species and fisheries

Game Changer style flies are tied in various patterns to mimic a range of prey from tiny baitfish to larger aquatic creatures. Versatile for attracting a wide variety of fish species such as freshwater (trout, bass) and saltwater (redfish, tarpon, snook).

  • Q: Can I customize the solid colors?
    A: Yes, you can easily “customize” any of the solid color flies (such as the white) by using a permanent marker pen to color the body or add spots or stripes to “match the bait-fish hatch." 

    Q: Is they easy to cast?
    A: Yes, the fly is tied with an ultra-lightweight, synthetic “Finesse” material that sheds water giving you a fly that is easy to cast with a 5-weight or higher fly rod.

     Q: Can they be used in saltwater?
    A: Yes! The flies can be used in both fresh and saltwater. The articulated shanks are made of stainless spring steel and the Kona hooks have a high-quality black-nickel finish.

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