Flymen Fishing Company

Kona Standard Popper Hooks (SPH )

$ 8.27

Flymen Fishing Company

Kona Standard Popper Hooks (SPH )

$ 8.27

Tie poppers, sliders, gurglers, divers, and other foam flies to target species such as bass and panfish.

Kona Standard Popper Hooks are quality, specialist hooks sized to match the new Double Barrel and Howitzer popper body range, but are versatile and standardized so you can use them with other foam bodies and products available on the market.

Strengthens fly by reducing twisting inside the foam fly body.

Wide hook gap
Optimizes hook-up rates by creating the needed separation from the fly's body.

Chemically sharpened micro barb
Allows for swift and sturdy hook sets.

Quantity per pack: 25.

  • Step 1

    Popper Hooks how to tie 
    Put your hook in your fly tying vise and cover the shank with thick, coarse thread wraps in a crisscross fashion. This is important for gripping the foam inside the popper body to prevent twisting.

    Step 2

    Popper Hooks how to tie 
    Put a liberal amount of clear-drying Super Glue Gel on the hook shank.

    Step 3

    Popper Hooks how to tie 
    Slowly but firmly mount the foam fly body onto the hook. Position as desired and leave for a minute or two to dry. Take out of vise and repeat with your next foam fly body and hook.

    Note: Although it is Super Glue, it is suggested to leave your mounted hooks for an hour or two before working further on them. It sometimes takes time inside the foam for the glue to set properly.

  • Q: Which popper hooks fit Surface Seducer Double Barrel™ popper bodies?
    A: Surface Seducer Popper Hooks are matched to the 3 smaller sizes as follows:

    • #8 hook: Extra-small Double Barrel.
    • #6 hook: Small Double Barrel
    • #2 hook: Medium Double Barrel.

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