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Fish-Skull® Bandito Sculpin

$ 8.98

Flymen Fishing Company

Fish-Skull® Bandito Sculpin

$ 8.98

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Your go-to weighted articulated Sculpin pattern for fishing riverbeds and salt flats. 


Designed by Martin Bawden

Introducing the Bandito Sculpin: A weighted articulated Sculpin pattern crafted with simplicity in mind, this fly boasts the unique Bandito Sculpin Head that ensures obstacle-free gliding, and an upward-facing hook to minimize snagging as it glides along the bottom.

Key Features:

  • Bandito Sculpin Helmet: Equipped with the perfect weight for a grounded approach, this deep-sinking weighted head crafts a lifelike flat sculpin profile, enticing lurking fish.

  • Articulated Shanks: Designed to mimic the natural swimming action of prey, these shanks make your presentation irresistibly realistic.

  • Rabbit Fur and Silicone Legs: The choice of materials allows for easy, natural movement, creating an authentic underwater presence that triggers strikes.

  • Kona hooks: Strategically positioned at the rear of the fly, the Kona Big Game Hunter hook guarantees you won't miss out on short-striking fish.

  • Dragon Eyes: These bright, impressionistic eyes catch attention making your Bandito Sculpin an irresistible temptation.

Elevate your fishing game with the Bandito Sculpin and experience success in the world of bottom-feeding, where lifelike movement and precision design make all the difference.

3" length and #6 hook
Florescent Orange "hot spot"

About Fish-Skull Bandito Streamer Flies

The Fish-Skull Bandito fly range is a distinctive style of simple, articulated streamer patterns designed by Martin Bawden that combines natural rabbit fur and silicone legs with innovative Fish-Skull materials, creating an array of flies that mimic various prey species and fishing scenarios.