Flymen Fishing Company

Chocklett's™ Mini Finesse Changer™

$ 9.85

Flymen Fishing Company

Chocklett's™ Mini Finesse Changer™

$ 9.85

Fool even the most discerning of fish with the scaled-down Mini Finesse Changer's lifelike action and realistic profile.

Design by Blane Chocklett

Now Available in new Fire Tiger color!

The new Mini Finesse Changer is a highly articulated, realistic small-scale baitfish streamer perfect for targeting many freshwater and saltwater gamefish species from trout to tarpon, especially in fisheries and areas where your target species feed on smaller baitfish. The Mini Finesse Changer (2.75" length) can be used interchangeably with its big brother, the Finesse Changer (3.5" length), based on the fishing situation at hand. 

The Mini Finesse Changer's baitfish profile and natural swimming action make it an ideal choice especially when sight fishing in crystal clear water to larger, more discerning fish.

The Mini Finesse Changer is a 6 segment fly build upon the Articulated Fish-Spine and is available in 4 color variations allowing you to “match the hatch” for success in different fisheries and target species. The fly is tied with an ultra-lightweight, synthetic “Finesse” material that sheds water giving you a fly that is easy to cast and has incredible natural movement in the water.

Natural Swimming Action
The innovative use of special materials realistically mimic the spine and muscle of a baitfish to give it a unique, enticing swimming action.

Realistic Scaled-Down Profile
The Mini Finesse Changer is designed with realism in mind, especially for situations in which the fish you're targeting has more of a chance to inspect the fly before choosing to strike.

Versatile Mini Size
The Mini Finesse Changer's typical small baitfish length of 2.75" (7cm) makes it a great general purpose fly that can be used to target a wide variety of species in different fisheries.

Available in 4 color variations, allowing you to “match the hatch” for success in most fisheries and target species. We've carefully chosen the base colors most desired by predatory gamefish in order to let you further customize the flies with marker pens to match the hatch of your home waters.

Lightweight, Synthetic Materials
Tied with ultra-lightweight, synthetic Chocklett’s Finesse material that sheds water, making this a fly that is very easy to cast and has incredible natural movement in the water.

The tying method and modern, synthetic materials used give you a tough, durable fly that should stand up to dozens of landed fish.

You can view the full Game Changer fly guide here

  • Q: Why are the flies sometimes not in stock?
    A: GC flies are in high demand and they tend to sell out very quickly. These are specialized, custom-tied flies that are technically difficult and time consuming to tie to the correct specifications. As a result, our factory sometimes cannot produce them fast enough and therefore are not always available.

    Q: How long will I wait for my flies if I have to Pre-Order?
    A: It may take several weeks (or longer) for your order to be delivered. If the flies are not in stock, our system enables you to place a Pre-Order and we will ship to you the moment they become available. Essentially, your order is placed on a waiting list that is fulfilled on a first-in first out basis. We will keep you updated on a regular basis with an estimated delivery date (EDD). As our capacity increases, any lead times should be reduced to a minimum. 

    Q: How many color variations are there?
    A: There are 4 colors to choose from:
    Tan & Olive, Tan, Purple & Black, and White.

    Q: Can I customize the solid colors?
    A: Yes, you can easily “customize” any of the solid color flies (such as the white) by using a permanent marker pen to color the body or add spots or stripes to “match the bait-fish hatch." 

    Q: Is they easy to cast?
    A: Yes, the fly is tied with an ultra-lightweight, synthetic “Finesse” material that sheds water giving you a fly that is easy to cast with a 5-weight or higher fly rod.

     Q: Can they be used in saltwater?
    A: Yes! The flies can be used in both fresh and saltwater. The articulated shanks are made of stainless spring steel and the Kona hooks have a high-quality black-nickel finish.

    Q: How many articulated segments does the fly have?
    A: Six segments: the hook + five Articulated Fish-Spine shanks including the Tail shank.

    Q: What hook does it use?
    A: It uses a Kona Big Game Hunter (BGH) #2 hook which is an ultra-sharp, high quality, short shank hook designed specifically for Game Changer style flies.

    Q: How durable are the flies?
    A: Very! The precise method the flies are tied, and the high percentage of modern, synthetic materials used in them make for a tough, hardy fly that should stand up to dozens of landed fish.

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