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NEW Bonefish Fly Assortment (15-fly)

$ 79.98

Flymen Fishing Company

NEW Bonefish Fly Assortment (15-fly)

$ 79.98

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A selected assortment of flies for your next Bonefishing Adventure

The new Fish-Skull SCT Bonefish Fly Assortment is a 15-fly collection of reliable, modern saltwater flies for bonefish, permit, and other tropical sand flats species. Each fly is based upon proven Gotchas, Mantis, Charlie and Spawning patterns and includes the renowned Alphlexo Crab. Perfect for your next trip to the Bahamas or other tropical island destination!

The assortment comes in a slit foam fly box and includes:

FS Rubber Legs Gotcha (#2 hook) - Qty 3

An enhanced version of the traditional Gotcha, featuring rubber legs that add additional movement and attraction in the water. Don’t leave home without one!

FS Mantis Shrimp (#2 hook) - Qty 3

A “must have” bonefish pattern for the Bahamas and other fisheries that incorporates materials that mimic the appearance and movement of a mantis shrimp.

FS Spawning Shrimp (#4 hook) - Qty 3

An important addition to your arsenal, the fly replicates the color, size, and movement of shrimp during the spawning phase.

FS Bonefish Special (#6 hook)  - Qty 3

A reliable, all-purpose bonefish fly that features grizzly hackle feathers and a bright “hot-spot”

Alphlexo Crabs (#2, #6 and #8 hook) - Qty 3

Originally designed for fly fishing The Seychelles, the Alphlexo Crab has become a must-have fly for targeting saltwater species such as bonefish and permit worldwide. Tan crabs in 3 sizes to match the crab hatch in any fishery.

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