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Micro Feather Game Changer – Fly Tying Tutorial

The Micro Feather Game Changer is a snack-size articulated fly pattern that lands softly to avoid spooking fish, but still pushes enough water to get a predator's attention.

Imagine a fly that perfectly imitates a baitfish in your local waters, not only in profile but by swimming like a real fish and provoking the predatory instinct within your target fish... but you can still cast it with a 4wt to 6wt fly rod.

The Micro Feather Changer is fly a pattern scaled down to about 3", and is a fantastic pattern for smaller water or picky fish.

The new Fish-Skull Next Generation Shanks (NGS) open up a whole new world of possibilities for tying scaled-down Game Changer style flies.

An example fly tied with the new Next Generation Shanks (NGS)

The allow you to tie a fly with a small fishy profile that swims like the real deal. Once I got a hold of this new shank system, I knew they were a real game changer (pun intended).

If baitfish in your local waters tend to be around 2" to 4", then the Micro Feather Changer is for you. This version happens to be a Brush Head Micro Feather Changer that works great in a wide variety of fishing situations.

Fly Recipe

  • Hook: Any wide gape, heavy wire hook in size 4 to 8. A Kona Big Game Hunter is a great choice. A light wire hook will need keeling with lead wraps or a small scud weight. 
  • Thread: 50D GSP or 70D
  • Tail: Marabou tips, Flashabou
  • Shanks: Next Generation Shanks (NGS). You will use a  6mm tail shank, 4 x 6mm shanks, then an 8mm shank (you can add a second 8mm for even more movement)
  • Body Filler: Cactus Chenille (Large), Palmer Chenille (Medium)
  • Body: Hackle, Hen Saddle - select a saddle that shows a significant variance in feather width from top to bottom, it helps build our taper. 
  • Articulation Wire: Intruder Wire (Large)
  • Eyes: Tab eyes or Jungle Cock eyes

Keep in mind that the possibilities are endless with this platform, and you can tie this pattern with just about any synthetic or natural material. Experiment with different materials and configurations for your fishery.

I'm confident that this pattern will bring a few more fish to your net.

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About Eric Blackshear:

Eric Blackshear is an avid angler and fly tyer based in Southern California. He is lucky enough to live within a few miles of the coast, in which he runs his Ranger bay boat to the local islands, as well having the ability to access blue ribbon trout waters in the beautiful Eastern Sierra and Northern California, allowing for a myriad of waters to fish, along with learning their individual challenges. 

Eric currently demonstrates flies at local events, as well as tying big game flies for the pursuit of exotic species such as Arapaima, Golden Dorado, and Peacock Bass for local shops. Many of his flies have found their way into the hands of talented anglers, with the highlight being an estimated 400lb Arapaima caught on one of his creations. Eric is active on social media platforms and has recently started a YouTube channel to provide tutorials on many of the patterns he ties.

Check Eric out on Instagram @Errock_22 and YouTube @channelislandsflies
  • Post author
    Eric Blackshear
  • fly fishingfly tyingstreamer fishingvideo

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  • Feb 02, 2022

    Stumbled across this post, great pattern; thanks for posting it.

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  • Nov 18, 2021

    I always wanted to learn how to tie these flies thanks I believe I can do it after watching you

    — Don Aird

  • Feb 26, 2021

    Excellent video. Thanks for sharing your techniques!

    — Rob Wilson

  • Dec 03, 2020

    Excellent tutorial! You did a great job of explaining the process of tying the micro feather changer, thank you!

    — Anthony

  • Dec 03, 2020

    Great video, great fly with many applications! Thanks!!

    — Dave "Rocky" Rockwell

  • Dec 03, 2020

    Truly well done; thanks Eric.

    — Richard Reinecke

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