• Fly Tying Tutorial: Oskar Gester's Devo Diver
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Fly Tying Tutorial: Oskar Gester's Devo Diver

The Devo Diver Is a "Best of Both Worlds" Sculpin Fly

Most sculpin flies are designed to do one thing — get deep in the water column.

While these flies certainly are useful in many fishing situations, many flies tied in this style of fly do not have much swimming action. The Devo Diver, with its multiple articulation points of the Articulated Fish-Spine and heavy weight of the Sculpin Helmet, is a fly gets deep but also has lifelike movement in the water.

Fly Recipe


  • Hook: Kona Big Game Hunter (BGH), size #1
  • Thread: UTC Ultra 210
  • Inside Tail: Schlappen
  • Outside Tail: Hen Saddle Feather
  • Underbody: Palmer Chenille
  • Wing: 2 Hen Saddle Feathers

1st Articulation 

2nd Articulation

  • Shank: Fish-Skull Articulated Fish Spine, 20 mm
  • Underbody: Palmer Chenille
  • Wing: 2 Hen Saddle Feathers & 1 Schlappen Feather


  • Hook: Kona Xtra Strong Stinger (XSS), size 1/0
  • Underbody: Fly Fish Food Complex Twist, 2 Schlappen Feathers and UV Polar Chenille
  • Collar: 3" EP Foxy Brush
  • Body: Laser Dub
  • Pectoral Fins: Magnum Rabbit Strip
  • Head: Fish-Skull Sculpin Helmet, brown, large
  • Eyes: Fish-Skull Living Eyes, 4mm, wind (gold)
  • Sealant: Loon UV Resin to seal the head

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About Brian Wise:

Brian Wise is a fly fishing guide in extreme Southern Missouri. His mainstays are the wild rainbow trout and large predatory brown trout of the North Fork of the White River, but he is also a self-proclaimed smallmouth junkie and loves the seasonal striper fishing as well. He's been the head guide at River of Life Farm for over a decade and has been featured in print such as Southern Living Magazine, Outdoor Life, Fly Fisherman, Field and Stream, Rural Missouri Magazine, on television shows such as NBC’s Today Show, Outdoor Channel’s Ultimate Outdoors, several appearances on Outdoor Channel Outfitters, and is a Field Producer for Chasing Waters on the Pursuit Channel. He was a 2007 qualifier for the coveted Best of the West distance casting competition and won the Bennett Springs distance casting competition with a whopping cast of 106 feet. When Brian isn’t guiding, he is fishing with his two sons. His fly tying and fly fishing videos are quickly making their way to the top of the list, and the Fly Fishing the Ozarks Youtube Channel is the fastest growing channel in the fly fishing genre.

  • Brian Wise
  • fly fishingfly tyingvideo

Comments on this post (5)

  • Jan 26, 2022

    Great tutorial! Love the pattern and definitely going to tie some for the Lake Superior area! Silly question but what Whiting saddle are you using? Thanks for the video!

    — Mike

  • Jan 25, 2022

    What is your target species for this fly? Big Browns?
    Have you used it for any other fish?

    — John Storfold

  • Dec 03, 2020

    good Demo now i will have to try my hand at it

    — Ron Gray

  • Dec 03, 2020

    Great fly!

    — EJ Stern

  • Dec 03, 2020

    Hallo from Austria,

    I enjoy getting your videos and always get some inspiration from the tiers. Great job! Also this sculpin imitation is really well done. What I do not like is that most of the articulated trout patterns are tied on hooks sizes 1 or 2. These are sizes I use for salmon in Alaska. In Austria most trout streams allow hook sizes not larger than 8. These stinger hooks work really well. A size 1 hook for a small trout is murder in my eyes. But anyway I may have a different approach and I think you guys are doing really well.

    Tight lines!


    — Walter Vaupel

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