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Fly Tying: The Double Barrel Cicada

If you're like us (and if you live in the Northern Hemisphere), you're probably pining for the longer spring and summer days and the fishing opportunities that come with them.

The Double Barrel Cicada is a fun pattern to tie while daydreaming about warmer weather and will prep your fly box for late spring and early summer. This foam fly pattern is tied with small and medium Surface Seducer Double Barrel popper & slider bodies, 4 mm Dragon Eyes, a size #2 Popper Hook, and Fish-Skull Body Tubing.

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  • Caleb Welborn
  • popper fishingvideo

Comments on this post (7)

  • Feb 12, 2018

    When you show the name on a product package hold it for at least a second so we can see what it is instead of just flashing it. Thanks for your blog…D

    — Dick Chenoweth

  • Feb 07, 2018

    Hmmm…nice bug. Wonder if I can I cast it on my four weight.

    — Michael Sergeant

  • Feb 05, 2018

    I agree with Steve, Josh and Edward, we need more time to really get into it. Curt Nelson

    — curt nelson

  • Feb 05, 2018

    Slower pace video and materials list would be helpful. Other than that a great video!??

    — Steve Austin

  • Feb 02, 2018

    I agree – slow it down. Also, a list of materials on 1 page would be very helpful

    — Josh

  • Jan 31, 2018

    Nice, inventive fly there.

    — Peddler

  • Jan 31, 2018

    Very nice. Wish the video was slower so all the steps and materials could be seen and digested. Perhaps just 5X normal speed, instead of 20X.

    — edward michaels

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