• Fly Tying Video: Fish-Mask Double Deceiver
  • Caleb Welborn
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Fly Tying Video: Fish-Mask Double Deceiver

A fly designed to draw out the big predatory fish.

Massive streamers don't have to mean sore shoulders from casting all day. This large variation of the Double Deceiver streamer is kept light and easy to cast with the combination of Fish-Skull Faux Bucktail, which sheds water, and Body Tubing, which helps create the illusion of a large body without adding too much bulk. A Big Game Shank gives it lifelike movement, and it's cleanly finished off with a Fish-Mask and Surface Seducer Dragon Eyes. Learn to tie it today!

Fly Recipe

Rear Shank

Front Hook

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  • Caleb Welborn
  • fly tyingstreamer fishingvideo

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  • Feb 26, 2018

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    — patrick nyongesa ojala

  • Feb 23, 2018

    Great looking large fly, will make some with our Marine PHWFF group.


    — bruce gay

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