• Ep. 19 | The Flymen Fishing Co. Show w/ Scotty Davis – Crooked Creek Holler With Danny Reed
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Ep. 19 | The Flymen Fishing Co. Show w/ Scotty Davis – Crooked Creek Holler With Danny Reed

Scotty and Danny Talk Fly Fishing Tattoos, Beaver Island, Peacock and Smallmouth Bass, and More!

Crooked Creek Holler was started in 2014 as a creative outlet for Danny Reed to try his hand at making wildlife-inspired gear for a different type of market. He felt that a lot of people in the outdoor world didn’t have a brand that represented them well, leading to their concept of "goods and gear for the modern outdoorsman."

As an angler and outdoorsman, every design Danny creates is based on a personal experience. From floating down the river in pursuit of smallmouth, or traveling the world in search of exotic species, Danny is always looking for inspiration in the great outdoors.

Danny views Crooked Creek Holler as his opportunity to share his art and the talents of many other artists and friends. He tries to offer fresh ideas and images that break away from standard branding, with a more hand-drawn feel. While on occasion Crooked Creek Holler utilizes digital mediums, they try and retain that unique vibe you only get from “hand-crafting” art.

Danny thanks everyone who supports and wears Crooked Creek Holler. He thinks it's been crazy to watch the organic growth over the years into something he could never have imagined. What started as a passion project, is now a fully operational small business and he is looking forward to what the future holds.

Show host Scott D attended this recent Crooked Creek Holler event. Keep your eyes out for upcoming events!

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  • Post author
    Caleb Welborn
  • esoxfly fishingfreshwatermuskypodcastsmallmouth bassThe Flymen Fishing Co. Showvideo

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  • Jun 22, 2021

    Fished with Danny Reed. He didn’t clarify that peacock bass are not bass at all but are cichlids. They are wild. Even there twice and number three is covid rolled over.

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