Flymen Fishing Company

Surface Seducer® Dragon Eyes™

$ 4.50

Flymen Fishing Company

Surface Seducer® Dragon Eyes™

$ 4.50

Amp up your foam flies and streamers.

Bright, bold, & buggy
Trigger aggressive strikes from gamefish.

Imitate a variety of amphibians, reptiles, baitfish, rodents, and other creatures fish love to eat!

Finishing touch
Take your fly to the next level with these vibrant, impressionistic fly tying eyes. Surface Seducer Dragon Eyes are specifically designed to fit and match the full range of Surface Seducer foam products.

Quantity: 20 per pack.

  • To ensure your Dragon Eyes are firmly secured in place there are a number of techniques you can use:

    1. If you choose to cover your popper body with a hard clear coat (such as epoxy or Hard-as-Nails), simply position the Dragon Eyes in the eye socket and the clear coat will seal the eyes deep inside the finished popper.

    2. If not adding a clear coat, simply use a water resistant super glue or UV light-hardening epoxy to stick the eyes securely in place.
  • Q: Which size Dragon Eyes fit which size Double Barrel popper bodies?
    A: The Double Barrel's eye size compatibility is as follows:

    3mm Dragon Eye: Extra-small and small Double Barrel.
    4mm Dragon Eye: Medium Double Barrel.
    6mm Dragon Eye: Large Double Barrel.
    8.5mm Dragon Eye: Extra-large Double Barrel.

    Q: Can Dragon Eyes be used on other types of flies such as streamers?
    A: Yes, use your own creativity to use them in many different ways.

    For example, they can be used as bright, attractor baitfish eyes on Fish-Skull streamer tying materials:

    3mm Dragon Eye:  #3 Fish-Masks, small Baitfish Heads, extra-small and small Sculpin Helmets.
    4mm Dragon Eye: #4 Fish-Masks, small-medium Baitfish Heads, large Sculpin Helmets.
    6mm Dragon Eye: #6 Fish-Masks, large Baitfish Heads.
    8.5mm Dragon Eye: #8.5 Fish-Masks.

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