Flymen Fishing Company

Chocklett's Micro Changer Fly Box (12-Fly) Assortment

$ 100.95 $ 87.95

Flymen Fishing Company

Chocklett's Micro Changer Fly Box (12-Fly) Assortment

$ 100.95 $ 87.95

Get a Fully Loaded Quality Fly Box With A Dozen Award-Winning Micro Changer Flies!

Welcome to the Next Generation of Game Changer Style Flies!

Best of Show Award – Fly Pattern Freshwater: 2019 International Fly Tackle Dealer Show

Design by Blane Chocklett

We had a few spare fly boxes and put together some Micro Changer Dozen Fly Assortments, with two flies of each color and a quality fly box you can add to your fleet. This is a $100+ value for only $87.95! Get yours before they're gone.

Chocklett’s™ Micro Changer is a small highly articulated baitfish pattern less than 2 inches long, with 7 articulated segments tied with the new Chocklett’s Articulated Micro-Spine.

Now everyone can fish a Game Changer! A next-generation fly tied using the new Fish-Skull Articulated Micro-Spine system, the Micro Changer is extremely light and easy to cast, even on a 2 or 3 wt. fly rod for trout, but can also be used for targeting larger fish, such as lake striped bass, smallmouth and largemouth bass on a 7-8 wt., or saltwater species such as snook, false albacore, seatrout or redfish on an even stronger rod. Everything eats a 2" bait!

Micro Changer
1.75” (4.5 cm) 7-segment articulated streamer
Kona BGH #6 hook + 8 mm Micro-Spine + (4 x 6 mm Micro-Spines) + Micro Tail Shank

You can view the full Game Changer fly guide here


    Q: Are Micro Changer flies easy to cast?
    A: Yes, the fly is tied with material that sheds water giving you a fly that is easy to cast with as low as a 2-weight or higher fly rod.

     Q: Can Micro Changer flies be used in saltwater?
    A: Yes! The flies can be used in both fresh and saltwater. The Articulated Shanks are made of stainless spring steel and the Kona hooks have a high-quality black-nickel finish.

    Q: How durable are Micro Changer flies?
    A: Very! The precise method the flies are tied, and the high percentage of modern, synthetic materials used in them make for a tough, hardy fly that should stand up to dozens of landed fish.