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Fish-Skull® Captain Dubiel’s Pop-N-Fly™

$ 7.65

Flymen Fishing Company

Fish-Skull® Captain Dubiel’s Pop-N-Fly™

$ 7.65

Call big fish to the surface.

Co-developed with Capt. Gary Dubiel

Renowned fly fishing guide Captain Gary Dubiel has developed the perfect method for catching giant fish on the fly. The Pop-N-Fly is a lightweight foam cylinder with an embedded articulated shank, enabling it to be attached between your leader and tippet. The foam suspends your fly below the surface and when stripped it pops and splashes, causing a commotion on the surface which sounds like other fish feeding on bait, enticing the fish you're targeting to strike an easy meal. 

While originally designed for redfish, the Pop-N-Fly has proved to be effective for numerous other saltwater and freshwater species, including speckled trout, false albacore, cobia, striped bass, smallmouth bass, lake trout, and more.

Gary recommends using a streamer, such as the Fish-Skull® Masked Minnow™ or Crafty Deceiver™, with the Pop-N-Fly.

Quantity per pack: 2

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  • Simple to cast
    The Pop-N-Fly is lightweight and aerodynamic, making it easy to cast with a fly rod (Small: 7-9 wt; Large: 9-12 wt.).

    Easy to see
    The bright orange (saltwater) and bright chartreuse (freshwater) stand out in the water.

  • Attach your Pop-N-Fly between the leader and tippet. The tippet should typically be about 20 inches (51 cm) long to which your fly (a lightweight baitfish pattern) is attached. Cast out, then use short, hard strips to work your Pop-N-Fly and create attention-grabbing commotion. This technique draws predatory fish toward the surface where they see your fly suspended helplessly below for an easy meal. It's an invitation they can't refuse. 

  • Q: Is the Pop-N-Fly a strike indicator? 

    ANot really.  It’s main purpose is a noise-making attractor that raises fish to the surface.  The suspended fly offers an easy meal, but when the Pop-N-Fly disappears you know you're hooked up.
    Q: How do you rig the Pop-N-Fly?
    A: Connect the Pop-N-Fly to a straight piece of leader material from your fly line.  Six to eight feet works great.  Tie leader material to the other end, typically 18 to 24 inches, then your favorite weighted fly pattern.
    Q:  Is the Pop-N-Fly just for redfish?
    A:  No.  In saltwater the Pop-N-Fly has been very successful on spotted seatrout, striped bass and redfish.  In also works very well in fresh water, particularly in lakes with shad populations.  Largemouth, spotted, striped and white bass and crappie have all been taken on the Pop-N-Fly.  Many species haven’t seen it yet, so give it a try.
    Q:  Where did the idea for the Pop-N-Fly come from?
    A:  The Pop-N-Fly was designed to emulate the action of a popping cork, a very popular conventional fishing rig originated in the Gulf states.  The rig proved to be deadly on suspending giant redfish in North Carolina’s Neuse River.  When introduced, the Pop-N-Fly proved to be just as deadly.
    Q:  Why use the Pop-N-Fly over a popper?
    A:  Often a fish that is attracted to surface noise will refuse a top water fly, rolling underneath it or turning away.  With the Pop-N-Fly, those fish that would have refused the popper eat the trailing sub-surface streamer resulting in more hook-ups.
    Q:  Is the Pop-N-Fly hard to cast?
    A:  The Pop-N-Fly, leader and trailing fly pattern are no more difficult to cast than a regular popping bug. The unique light weight design pushes through the air nicely.



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