Surface Seducer fly tying contest

Vote in the final round!

​​To vote, click your favorite fly (or flies) and like the photo on Instagram.

Voting ends Friday, 9 September at high noon EST.


Week 1

Landon Lipke.


Week 2

Steve Yewchuck.


Week 3

Jon Hicks.


Week 4

Bill Benzin.


Week 5

Sam Looper.

Sam Looper Big Poppa Frog fly tying Surface Seducer Double Barrel


Week 6

Brandon Bailes.


Week 7

Jake Ivie.

Jake Ivie fly tying Surface Seducer Double Barrel Not So Modest Mouse


Week 8

Gunnar Brammer.

Gunnar Brammer Surface Seducer Baby Bird fly tying

The grand prizes.

1st place – 3-Tand TF-70 Crossover Fly Reel ($210 value) or other TF-Series Fly Reel of your choice.

3-Tand TF-70 Crossover Fly Reel

At only 4.6oz, this is one of the lightest and toughest 8-weight reels on the market. The TF-70 delivers 7lbs of stopping power and allows you get an edge on your quarry and bring more fish to hand. Perfect for stalking picky Bonefish or Carp, stripping big streamers for Salmon, Steelhead, Trout, Pike and Bass or hitting the salt for Bonito, Redfish or Striped Bass. Like all 3-Tand reels, it’s machined from solid bar stock aluminum and carries Nano CF Drag™.

2nd place – 6-month Postfly subscription box of your choice + Postfly goodies ($137 value).

Postfly fly box subscription

The sophisticated angler spends more time fishing than shopping. They have their flies delivered directly to their doorstep, so they can spend more time on the river. It's like having a butler for your fly fishing gear.

3rd place – Rep Your Water custom prize pack: 2 hats, 1 gaiter, and 1 shirt of your choice ($118 value).

Rep Your Water fly tying contest prize pack

Rep Your Water has some of the coolest fly fishing and hunting apparel around. Your state, your species – there's a 99% chance they've got a killer design for you to show it off. Represent your water!

Surface Seducer fly tying contest. Tie flies. Post photos. Win prizes. 3-Tand Reels. Postfly. Rep Your Water.

The Double Barrel Duel.

Since launching our new Surface Seducer Double Barrel popper & slider bodies, we've seen more and more photos of amazing flies tied by people like you on social media.

The flies we've seen are just the tip of the iceberg, so we're holding a fly tying contest on Instagram to help you show off your patterns to the world and give you the chance to win grand prizes from 3-Tand Reels, Postfly – The Original Monthly Flybox, and Rep Your Water, as well as weekly Flymen prize packs!

The contest starts now, July 7, with the preliminary rounds ending on Friday, September 2.

It's easy to enter – tie a fly and snap a picture. 

  1. Tie a fly with a Surface Seducer Double Barrel popper & slider body and take a photo of it. 
  2. Post the photo on Instagram, tag @flymenfishingco in your post (make sure you're following us!), and hashtag #DoubleBarrelDuel2016.

Weekly winners.

The Flymen team will vote to choose 1 weekly winner for 8 weeks. Winners will be announced on the Friday of each week.

Each winner will be sent a Flymen prize pack ($60 retail value!). The criteria for winning can be anything from realism to creativity, so go crazy with your design. We love seeing innovative ideas.

I posted some fly photos before the contest started... Can I enter them in the contest?

Photos from the past can be entered in the contest, so if you've already posted some awesome Double Barrel flies, go back and re-post the photo, tag us in them, and add the contest hashtag (#DoubleBarrelDuel2016). One may be a winner! This also means a photo you post on the first week could be a winner on the eighth week.

The final round.

At the end of the 8 weeks, we will re-post the 8 winning flies for a voting period. 

After the voting period, the grand prizes will be given to the fly tyers who tied the flies with the most likes.

Ready, set, go!

Order some Double Barrel popper & slider bodies, Dragon Eyes, and Popper Hooks today, or grab some from your local Flymen Dealer, and start tying and posting photos now!

You have until Friday, September 2!