Surface Seducer Double Barrel Bass Bug

Poppers: Step-by-step fly tying instructions

The Double Barrel Bass Bug created by Martin Bawden.

Fly tying materials

Head: Surface Seducer® Double Barrel™ popper and slider body, yellow chartreuse, medium.
Eyes: Surface Seducer® Dragon Eyes™, Volcanic (red), 4 mm.
Hook: Surface Seducer® Popper Hook, #2.
Tail (bottom): Marabou.
Tail (middle)/Legs: Banded rubber legs.
Tail (top)/Body: Saddle Hackle.

Fly tying instructions

Step 1

Push a bodkin or heated needle into the tail socket and through the body until it comes out slightly above and just past the bottom lip.

Step 2

Cover the hook shank with thread wraps in a crisscross fashion to grip the foam body and prevent twisting.

Step 3

Put a liberal amount of glue on the hook shank.

Step 4

Slowly push the Double Barrel onto the hook, position as desired, and leave to dry. Tip: wait an hour or 2 before tying further in order to allow it to securely dry.

Step 5

Place a Dragon Eye in each socket, dab with UV clear coat, and lock into place with UV light.

Step 6

Choose 3 or 4 marabou feathers. Place them on the hook shank and secure with thread wraps.

Step 7

Tie in 3 or 4 hackle feathers and rubber legs as a tail, extending half a hook shank's length past the hook. 

Step 8

Secure 2 saddle hackle feathers behind the head, then wrap around the hook shank to build up a body.

Step 9

Make a hole through the side of the body with a Hareline Leg Puller.

Step 10

Insert 2 legs into the Leg Puller and pull them through the body.

Step 11

Trim the legs to your desired length.

Step 12

Go catch a giant on topwater.