Flamethrower Double Bunny

Streamers: Step-by-step fly tying instructions

Flamethrower Double Bunny - Fly tying instructions

Flamethrower Double Bunny designed and tied by John Collins.

This streamer pattern takes the proven and effective Double Bunny to the next level with articulation using a Fish-Skull® Articulated Shank™ and combining with a Fish-Skull® Baitfish Head™ for weight and appearance. The end result is an articulated, weighted streamer with incredible tail action that catches fish! The Flamethrower color scheme (orange and red) is one of many possible color combinations this pattern can be tied with. You are only limited by your imagination!

Fly tying materials

Hook: Daiichi 1750 #6
Head: Fish-Skull® Baitfish Head™, small-medium, painted with pumpkin colored Jig Head Paint.
Shank:  Fish-Skull® Articulated Shank™35 mm.
Thread: Flor. Orange 6/0.
Thread to close Articulated Shank: Kevlar.
Wire: Flor. orange ultrawire, small.
Body: Flor. orange diamond braid.
Outer body: Two flor. orange rabbit strips.
Collar: Flor. red crosscut rabbit.

Fly tying instructions

Step 1

Cut 2 rabbit strips to 1.5 times the length of the hook shank. Coat just the area that will hang off the back of the hook on the hide of both strips. I use Contact Cement to do this because it's water proof and flexible after curing, and most importantly, it won't come apart.

Step 2

After coating each strip, let the glue become tacky (2min.) and stick both strips together. Put this aside for later use in the tying process.

Step 3

Attach thread to hook and then attach wire to top of shank, stopping your thread at the bend of the hook.

Step 4

Lay diamond braid on top of hook to just behind the hook eye. Wrap thread forward to just behind the hook eye, completely covering the diamond braid. Tie off. 

Step 5

Wrap the diamond braid forward, covering the hook shank. Tie off just behind the eye.

Step 6

Take your glue strips and, while the hook is in the vise, carefully push the hook point through the bottom strip. Once the strip is penetrated by the hook, you'll have to take the hook out of the vise and bring the strip around the hook's bend. Mount the hook back into the vise.

Step 7

Pull the strips up against the rear part of the diamond braid. Lay the top strip on top of the diamond braid body and the bottom strip under the diamond braid. Make sure strips fit tight against the diamond braid and tie off both at the head.

Step 8

After securing strips at the head, wrap your wire forward 5 to 6 times and make two wraps of thread to hold wire in place.

Step 9

Pick out any trapped hair from under wire from the rear, working your way forward to the head.

Step 10

Unwrap your 2 turns of thread which were holding the wire in place at the head of the fly. Pull tight on the wire. This will tighten the wire which should be laying on the strips hide, with no hair underneath it. Make 2 turns of wire on head of fly, cover with your thread and tie off. The rear part of the fly is completed at this point.

Step 11

Insert the Articulated Shank through hook eye of the fly that you just tied and mount in vise.

Step 12

Close Shank with Kevlar thread and whip finish.

Step 13

Attach a crosscut Rabbit strip to the rear of the Articulated Shank and wrap the thread forward, covering Kevlar and any part of the shank that may be exposed.

Step 14

Wrap crosscut strip forward to hook eye, tie off, and whip finish.

Step 15

Put a drop of CA cement on the thread head of the shank and press on your Fish Skull. Make sure that there is room for your thread dam and tie off in front of skull. Your Flamethrower Double Bunny is ready to fish!