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Flymen Sili-Leg Intruder: Fly Tying Tutorial

Want to Tie a Tough-As-Nails Steelhead Pattern?

The Flymen Sili-Leg Intruder is a completely synthetic Steelhead Intruder tied on the Fish-Skull Senyo's Articulated Shank for Steelhead and Salmon Flies. 

Intruder-style flies are designed to trigger aggressive strikes from steelhead by "intruding" on their territory and provoking an attack.

The movement of the bulletproof sili-leg skirt coupled with the the Kona Big Game Hunter stinger hook gives you an incredibly durable and deadly Intruder pattern.

Fly Tying Tutorial: Matt Meahan's Steelhead Shank Intruder

Intruder Style Flies Are Designed to Provoke Aggressive Strikes From Steelhead.

As the name suggests, the idea is to "intrude" on the steelhead's territory and trigger the "fight" response of fight or flight.

Meahan's Intruder is an approachable pattern for all fly tyers. So many Intruder fly patterns call for some exotic material, but with everyday materials Meahan's Intruder is a good fly for beginning steelhead tyers, but also a quick, good-looking fly for veterans as well.

The small rear loop on the Fish-Skull Senyo's Articulated Shank makes it easy to attach the rear Kona Big Game Hunter hook and allows the shank to be held straight in any vise, avoiding the need to tie the fly at strange angles. Not to mention, the splash of color added from the Senyo's Articulated Shank and the different variations available give you nearly endless color combination options for this fly.

Fly Tying Recipe

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Shank Section

How to tackle big water fly fishing

Something about pulling a fish out of a big body of water makes you feel heroic.

Walking up to a big body of water, so big that your cast doesn’t even cover a fraction of the water, can be daunting and even downright discouraging.

You almost feel nervous to make your first cast. Where do I start? How do I tackle this water without a boat?

But when everything comes together and you hook into that fish, you feel like you won the lottery!

Here are a few things to help make swinging your fly rod feel a little more like fishing and a little less like… flailing.

Swing It! Spey Streamer Fly Fishing Tips

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Everyone has their own style of fishing whether it be with a spinning rod or a fly rod.

Those of us who choose to pick up a fly rod also have our little own niches in which we choose to stick with.

Unfortunately, we tend to put our streamer boxes aside during this time of year and stick to more traditional approaches.

Yes, it’s exhilarating to watch that giant brown trout come to the surface and take your size 18 dry fly as you fish a tail out of a pool or a nice steady run, but what is more heart pumping than watching that same giant fish chase your 4” to 8” streamer from bank to bank and demolish your fly on the strip or the end of your swing?

Fly fishing etiquette: 6 easy things to consider when fishing in a crowd.

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Angler overcrowding and fishing pressure aren't limited to just weekends. Any given weekday can look like a Saturday during peak salmon season.

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