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Beyond the Gear: 3 Important Things to Teach Your Kids On Their First Fly Fishing Trip

How We Can All Contribute to the Next Generation of Fly Anglers

When we take our kids on their first fly fishing trip, we generally think about things like which areas to fish, what gear we need, and what weather conditions are best, but there are other important things we should be considering as well.

Here are 3 important things to teach your kids when bringing them out fly fishing for their first time...

Pushing Fly Fishing Forward: The Next Generation

5 Rivers Rendezvous Colorado

When I graduated college in May of 2015 and shared with my peers that I was going to be working for a non-profit conservation organization to work with college fly fishing clubs nationwide, I got a variety of responses ranging from, “Whoa, that's sick,” to, “What are you doing with your life?”

Many of my peers in college viewed fly fishing as an old guy sport, with their closest mental image being Brad Pitt “shadow casting” on the banks of the Bitterroot in A River Runs Through It.

Little did they know, fly fishing is actually a growing sport in the millennial generation.

Fly fishing as giving back: 3 ways you can get involved.

Casting For Hope fly fishing competition winner Michael Bradley

One of my favorite things about fly fishing is the extent to which fly anglers use their passion for fly fishing to give voice to their personal platforms for community service and civic engagement.

We’re able to give back so substantially when we draw together the threads of our many networks.

Here are 3 ways you can get involved and use fly fishing as your platform to make a difference. Continue reading