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Big Streamer Fly Fishing: Beyond Banging the Banks

Gabe Levin, 27-inch White River brown trout

by Steve Dally
Big streamer fly fishing often gets labeled as a young person’s game – all brawn and no subtlety, just “banging the banks.”

Real streamer fishing is visual – from the dance of the fly to the buttery flash of a drive-by – and intellectual – requiring analysis of the flow of current around and over structure to find the honeypots.

Streamer fishing, particularly when the flies are 6” and bigger, is mentally and physically challenging, requiring fast-twitch decision-making and slow-twitch endurance.

Knowing your game, as well as the fish's, is way more important than a booming cast and no brains.

If you want to streamer fish longer and better, here's how.

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They're at Your Feet, Dude! 6 Reasons To Make Shorter Casts When Wade Fishing

Volunteer guide Jeff Konst teaching a Casting For Hope retreat participant to fish inside the rod length.

by John Zimmerman
I think we often make fly fishing a whole lot harder than we need to. Maybe it’s good for our egos to pick off a fish eating at 70 feet away from us, but I prefer to catch fish than cast.

And fish are often right at our feet.

Here are six cumulative reasons to stop casting so dang far!

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