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Bass Bug Sushi Roll Sweepstakes

Enter your email for the chance to win a Fishpond Sushi Roll Streamer Holder filled with a dozen Double Barrel Bass Bugs!

5 Sushi Rolls = 5 chances to win!

Enter today with the form directly below! Sweepstakes end on Friday, August 18 at 12 P.M. EST.

Winners Update

  • Cary Conwell
  • William Osipczuk
  • Erik Staub
  • Thomas Transue
  • Curtis Watts


    We've teamed up with Fishpond to give away 5 of their Sushi Roll Streamer Holders filled with a dozen Surface Seducer Double Barrel Bass Bug poppers each!

    The Fishpond Sushi Roll streamer holder

    Streamers finally have a place to call home without being crushed, smashed, flattened, and put to bed wet without having a chance to dry.

    The Fishpond Sushi Roll is an innovative solution for a conveniently sized carry system to protect and store streamer flies for easy viewing and selection. When not rolled, it lays flat as a working platform, but when rolled a spacial dimension between layers gives streamers the necessary space to breathe.

    Add a little rice and it would almost look good enough to eat!

    The Surface Seducer Double Barrel Bass Bug

    The Double Barrel Bass Bug is a no-nonsense popper fly designed with one thing in mind – generating a massive POP to trigger attacks from predatory fish!

    This lightweight and durable popper fly with powerful popping action won Best Of Show – Freshwater Fly Pattern in July at the 2017 International Fly Tackle Dealer Show.

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      Caleb Welborn
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    • Dec 03, 2020

      good idea

      — Joe Leonard

    • Dec 03, 2020

      Great way to store my larger flies!

      — Henry Bohleke

    • Dec 03, 2020

      Sweet prize package. Love the roll for streamers.

      — Ryan Martin

    • Dec 03, 2020

      The simple things in life are often the best

      — Mark Scheimer

    • Dec 03, 2020

      Just started to fly fish for bass and what a great way to start off if and hope I win. Thanks for the chance

      — Al Moschetti

    • Dec 03, 2020

      Awesome flies rolled up in a sweet Sushi Roll!

      — Roger

    • Dec 03, 2020

      Going bass fishing at Lake El Salto in Mexico soon. These poppers would be sweet!!

      — Zach Henderson

    • Dec 03, 2020

      Love the sushi roll. Love the double barrel poppers. Love the Flymen.

      — Nathan Ruzumna

    • Dec 03, 2020

      I have some hungry bass waiting on these in Alabama!

      — Hugh Cheek

    • Dec 03, 2020

      I just recently got into fly fishing and I am loving it it is all I want to do winning this giveaway would mean so much

      — Braxton

    • Dec 03, 2020

      Very nice setup for poppers. Thanks for great designs both fishpond and flymenfishingcompany.

      — Amber Nave

    • Dec 03, 2020

      Very nice and I bet those poppers will work great on the Susquehanna for smallies.

      — Chic

    • Dec 03, 2020

      Thanks Fishpond!

      — Duane Oehmen

    • Dec 03, 2020

      Hope y’all draw my number

      — Chuck williamson

    • Dec 03, 2020

      Awesome set of flies! Love the roll!

      — Jack Edwards

    • Dec 03, 2020

      Fishing time……

      — bill

    • Dec 03, 2020

      looks like a great product, hope my number comes up

      — Carl Johnston

    • Dec 03, 2020

      Awesome product. Use it all the time for my nymphing rigs.

      — Blake Glasser

    • Dec 03, 2020

      Rowdy bugs!

      — Matt Land

    • Dec 03, 2020

      Tried to enter the contest but don’t think it worked.

      — Don

    • Dec 03, 2020

      Nice combo!

      — Michael Johnson

    • Dec 03, 2020

      Nice addition to my fly fishing gear!.thats if I win

      — Logan

    • Dec 03, 2020

      Nice poppers

      — Alan

    • Dec 03, 2020

      I love Sushi….

      — David

    • Dec 03, 2020

      Yahooo…send them my way, that is if I win

      — Henry

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