Guide Program

Marketing resources: download the library of Flymen Fishing Company brand logos and product images here.

As a guide, you have unique needs. 
We know; some of us are guides too.

The Flymen Guide Program is designed to fulfill these needs. We'll even provide you with marketing support.

It's easy to apply! Just fill out the brief application below.

More than just a pro program.

Not only will you receive preferred pricing on Flymen products, you'll also be promoted on the Flymen Guide Locator to help grow your clientele, have special pre-release access to new Flymen products, and get opportunities for highlighted social media exposure (again, helping to grow your business).

Am I eligible for this opportunity? 

It's simple: if you're a professional fly fishing guide who embodies the Fish-Monk Ethos, you may be eligible for the Flymen Guide Program and the perks that come with it.

The Fish-Monk Ethos

fish-monk:  n.  1. one who dedicates his or her life to piscatory pursuits.  2. a devotee to the sport of fly fishing; an aficionado.

Fish-Monk™ represents the passion for fly fishing we share with our customers and inspires all of the products we design. The Fish-Monk Ethos is an essential quality that all Flymen Guides carry with them onto the water. 

As an official Flymen Guide, what will be expected of me?

The great thing about this program is that everything you do "for us" will be of equal (or greater) benefit to you.

  • Use Flymen products in your regular guiding activities and mention them on social media and blogs.
  • Display the promotional materials that we'll give you, such as logos and decals. Fish-Monks are known to be some of the best guides around, so this will give you additional credibility.
  • Provide video and/or photo submissions. We'll give you credit, which leads to greater exposure for you!

We look forward to partnering with you!

Simply fill out the application below, and we'll get back to you ASAP.