Shilton™ Reels

We Stop Fish.

One Word: Drag. Shilton Reels undeniably have the best drag of any fly reels because they were designed with one thing in mind – to enable fly anglers to fight and catch the strongest, toughest saltwater and freshwater gamefish in the world.

Trusted by guides worldwide in some of the most extreme fishing conditions, such as the Seychelles, Shilton Reels were previously unavailable in the US market. Due to rising recognition and demand, Shilton and Flymen formed a partnership to bring Shilton Reels to the US.

Shilton Reels’ frames and spools are manufactured using top quality aluminum bar stock and the other components are machined from stainless steel. Polymers, carbon fiber, and cork are used to create the all-important clutch systems that take Shilton Reels’ drag to the next level and make We Stop Fish a reality.

Shilton Reels are available in the standard black and titanium colors, as well as the NEW Full Color Anodized Reels, available in red, blue, purple, burnt gold, and turquoise.

Custom Reels: Want to mix and match colors to create a personalized custom reel? Send us an email at info@flymenfishingcompany.com or give us a call at +1 (704) 846-2634 to learn more.