• Introducing the NEW Black & Purple Chocklett's Finesse Changer
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    Caleb Welborn

Introducing the NEW Black & Purple Chocklett's Finesse Changer

You Asked, We Delivered. The NEW Black & Purple Finesse Changer Is Now Available For Limited Pre-Order!

Since our recent release of The Blane Chocklett Signature Fly Collection, there's been one consistent thing customers have been reaching out to us about...

"Can you PLEASE give us a black & purple color option for the Finesse Changer?"

That request wasn't much of a surprise. Black & purple is a highly effective color combination, and when combined with the Finesse Changer's lifelike action and realistic profile, it has proven to be deadlier than ever (figure of speech, we practice catch and release).

steve seinberg fly fishing black and purple chockletts finesse game changer

Photo by Steve Seinberg.

Black and purple is a saltwater staple and known for being a productive color for fishing dirty murky waters. The Finesse Changer's baitfish profile and natural swimming action also make it an ideal choice for sight fishing in crystal clear water to larger, more discerning fish. Pair the two together and you have an overall get-it-done-anywhere fly!

Fish it everywhere from the Everglades, to the Carolinas, to the Cascades, to South America, to the Northeast. The new Black & Purple Finesse Changer is a highly articulated, realistic baitfish streamer perfect for targeting many freshwater and saltwater gamefish species from trout to tarpon.

The Finesse Changer has a typical average baitfish length of 3.5" (9cm), consists of 7 Articulated Fish-Spine segments, and is tied with an ultra-lightweight, synthetic “Finesse” material that sheds water giving you a fly that is easy to cast and has incredible natural movement in the water. The stainless steel Kona Big Game Hunter (BGH) 2/0 hook gives the Finesse Changer extra longevity for saltwater and freshwater fishing.

Limited pre-orders for the Black & Purple Finesse Changer are now available, get in on the action today!

  • Post author
    Caleb Welborn

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  • Apr 15, 2021

    Can you explain how to tie the black and purple game changer and what brush is used?

    — Ed Walzer

  • Dec 03, 2020

    Love the bicolor just would like to see how you tied it.
    Short video would be appreciated and if we needed some different material I am sure we’d order it
    Thanks Scotty

    — Scotty Futrell

  • Dec 03, 2020
    Hello Martin, I cast some of the new GC‘s well lot striper fishing with Henry Cowen the other day. Much easier to cast ! Is there a video or an article on how to tie the double-colored Game Changer? Do you use the weaving technique used another flies were you have a different colored top and bottom?

    Dave Studeman
    PS we recently relocated to Marietta Georgia so maybe will connect in person one of these days.

    — Dave Studeman

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